About Us

At Contemporary Candles we specialize in scented candles that fill your homes with fragrances offering a relaxing environment for you and your family. We take great pride in our creations as our candles are specifically poured and hand crafted for you every time you order from us. We see that our scented candles are infused with the required quantity of scents as compared to other candles sold in stores.

How It All Began?

Burning candle

We’re both deaf but communicating with us via e-mail, internet or fax is very easy and poses no issues. It was our love for candles that began as a hobby, but it was just a matter of time that it expanded into a full-fledged business. It is our dedication that has made our candles famous in the US. We spend a lot of time just testing everything like wax, wicks, scents and everything else that goes into our candles.

We both have divided our work according to our ‘specialties’. Dave looks after the pillar candles and crystal wax melts while Wendi sees to the container candles. We both share our duties when it comes to novelty candles and customized candles as we make them according to your specific requirements.

Since we learnt that commercially produced candles are made from paraffin wax, chemicals and petroleum-based synthetics, we wanted to make candles that do not compromise on your family’s health. On burning, such candles produce soot that is full of neurotoxins and carcinogens. Moreover, the wick used is made from metal.

All this convinced us to make healthier candles with soy wax and natural scents. One year after making scented candles with natural and organic materials we had an extensive customer base who cherish our products.

Contemporary Candles began as a home-based small business in Illinois. We began our project in 2009 with just a team of Dave and Wendi.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the healthiest, most fragrant and long burning candles. Our aim is not only to sell our products but also to offer an inspiring and positive way of life through our scented candles. We want to accentuate your homes with our candles helping to improve the décor. We want to be the leaders in the home fragrance revolution by creating evocative and long-lasting scents and also to inspire customers to fragrance their homes in new ways. We want to uncover the latest trends in fragrances taking you on this scent journey and at the same time stimulating your senses, reliving favorite memories and making you smile.

Our social mission is to minimize carbon footprints and maximize health and happiness of both employees and customers. Economically we want to take our company towards sustained profitable growth thus helping to create new opportunities for development and exploring new possibilities for our employees.


Our Candles

Contemporary Candles delivers just what candle lovers desire for. Our candles contain strong scents, burn clean and evenly and are long lasting using high quality and earth friendly ingredients.

Our candles are made with 100% soy wax, natural scents and wooden wicks that allow a melt pool due to which no wax gets wasted. A better scent throw is possible with a large melt pool. Our candles are drenched with fragrance and look as good as they smell. We have a large range of colors and scents for candles.

If you want candles in a specific color and scent, just let us know and we will customize candles accordingly. We have an economy collection too for people who prefer scents over looks as these candles feature simple jars or jelly jars with a unique country look.

What We Offer?

Contemporary Candles has carved a reputation for itself with our large range of candles that include chunk pillar candles, crystal wax melts, container candles, floating candles, jar candles not to forget the exquisite gift candle sets. Our gift candle sets are perfect for any occasion from birthdays to house warming to festivals.

Our Deluxe gift sets include air fresheners and handmade soap bars besides container candles and votive candles. Such gifts can be given for any occasion and are a great way to pamper and soothe your body and spirit. Apart from this we make Personalized Candle Party Favors that will prove to be a distinctive but affordable gift for guests for parties, weddings and bridal or baby showers.

A good example is the attractive pear favor wrapped in tulle and decorated with a personalized leaf tag. This is very popular with our customers and can be made according to your color and scent.