Three Different Candle Accessories And How To Use Them?

No candle ensemble can be complete without candle accessories like candle snuffer, candle wax remover, wick trimmer and wick dipper. Other accessories are candle stands, candle lighters and candle lids. Candle lighters come in a variety of materials like chrome, brushed silver, bamboo and crystal.

Candle Accessories

Candle warmer

Candle Warmers

A candle warmer is a safe and healthy way to enjoy the fragrance of scented jar candles. It is an electric appliance that helps to warm and melt scented jar candles spreading the fragrance of the candle in the room but without a flame. The candle melts from the top with the help of a special halogen bulb instead of the traditional warmer that melted the candle from the bottom. It just talks minutes for the fragrance to be released and it is not necessary for the whole candle to be melted. A halogen bulb usually lasts for over 1000 hours.  A spare bulb comes with the candle warmer.

Wick Dippers

Wick Dipper

A wick dipper is used to extinguish the flame of the candle without having to blow it out. The wick of the candle is dipped into the wax melt pool with the help of a metal wick dipper. After the flame is extinguished the wick is straightened back to its original position. There are several benefits of snuffing out the candle flame with a wick dipper

  • No smoke is emitted after the flame extinguishes
  • There is no wax splatter
  • The wick gets coated with wax. The next time the candle burns cleanly and swiftly and will last longer.

Candle Snuffer

Candle snuffer

A candle snuffer is an instrument for extinguishing burning candles. It consists of a small cone in the shape of a small bell at the end of the handle. The bell is lowered over the flame until it extinguishes. This is because the burning flame does not receive its supply of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. Candle snuffers are often used in churches to extinguish the tall candles as it becomes difficult to reach them.