Qualities That Make A Candle Safe

Qualities That Make A Candle Safe

Candles have illuminated our homes for centuries. Earlier they were used as the main source of light but later as decorative items. Although scented candles made an appearance much later but they have now become an essential household item. Whether earthy, floral, minty or any other scented variation they are popular worldwide being an essential home décor object or for their multi-purpose uses.

Safety is something that should be given top priority both while making and using candles.  Your crafting experience will definitely become more enjoyable if you follow all safety rules.

Safety Equipment

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Before you begin your candle making project ensure you have the appropriate safety equipment. Make sure that you have the following items

  • A Double Boiler is the best and most safe way for melting wax. In case you do not have one you can use two pots, one big one for water and a smaller one for placing inside the big one
  • Pot holders to safeguard your hands while you work with wax filled hot containers
  • Safety Goggles to avoid any hot wax from splashing into your eyes
  • Fire Extinguisher to protect you in case of any fire while making candles. Do not put water on wax fire as this will create more damage instead, as wax is basically oil based.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes because if wax comes in contact with your skin it can cause serious burns.

Observe All Rules Of Safe Candle Making

  • Read directions carefully before you start the procedure
  • Make candles in an airy and well-ventilated room
  • Keep children and pets away from the area where candles are being made
  • Never leave melted wax even for a minute
  • Keep jars and containers ready before you begin as you cannot afford to let them leak or break
  • Use all safety equipment like double boiler, pot holders etc

Recognize The Quality Of Candles Before You Buy Them

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It often becomes difficult to distinguish between candles from their appearance. Below we have given a few tips to recognize good quality candles from the bad ones

  • Burn-Time: The candle packaging must indicate the burning time which is indicated by the balance between the wax mixture and the wick. With the right balance the candle will burn properly otherwise the spark plug will extinguish much before the burn-time.
  • Size Of Flame: Ensure a big flame size when you buy candles. A normal length of the flame is around 1 to 1.5 cm depending on the size of the candle. A bigger flame will result in the candle burning very fast and producing more soot while a small flame will not be able to create the desired atmosphere
  • No Glass Breakage: The glass on the candle should be heat resistant so that it does not break due to the heat. Manufacturers often do not use approved heat resistant glass to lower costs due to which the glass cracks or breaks with the heat of the flame.

There should be no dripping and no soot when the candle burns. A low-quality candle will produce more soot and will spread soot particles in the room. However outdoor candles do not release soot as they have a thicker wick to prevent the flame from being extinguished by the wind. Ensure that candles do not drip as this might result in your tables getting stained. A good quality candle will not drip even when placed near a window.

Scented candles should give out a pleasant smell while burning. If this is not the case it indicates that the perfume or fragrance is not of the desired quality or the candle mixture is made up of bad components. To cut on costs candle manufacturers often resort to low quality products so it is best to beware of scented candles that are cheaply priced.

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Read the icons on the label and packaging before purchasing candles. Ensure that the candles are marked with a BRC or ISO quality certificate as this stand for safe product and high quality.

Safety Measures While Burning Candles

It is always advisable to exercise caution while burning scented candles. Follow some simple tips to ensure safety

  • Place candles on surfaces that are heat resistant
  • Freestanding candles should be placed in a shallow plate or dish so that hot spills do not spill over
  • Keep burning candles away from the reach of children and pets
  • Burning candles should be kept three feet away from curtains or other inflammable items
  • Trim the candle wicks to about ¼ inch long to keep smoke to the minimum

Blow out all burning candles before you leave the room.

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