Is It Possible To Have Candles Custom Made For You?

Is It Possible To Have Candles Custom Made For You?

When you visit a home store one is surprised to see the large variety of candles available in many colors, sizes and shapes. Some candles are just for decorative purposes that come in complicated shapes and designs featuring attractive accessories. They are not necessarily scented or made with some specific ingredients. But candles certainly do add a little something to your personal space that you call home. In fact, the candle industry is booming presently and according to the Allied Market Research report this industry is expected to generate billions by 2020.

Personalized heart shape candles

A customized candle will make a unique gift to give to a friend or a family member. It is possible to customize a candle by choosing distinctive designs of your choice featuring photos, quotes, monograms and of course your favorite scent. In fact, customized candles can be a perfect piece of décor for your home. One has a variety of options that it often becomes hard to decide. If you lack ideas or inspirations, you can search for original ideas online to get custom candles to personalize every room in your home. Every time you enter a room you will be able to smell the fragrant aroma of a forest spicy scent, citrusy grapefruit, lemon or orange scent. Customized candles are sure to remind you of sweet memories of family or a loved one.

Ways To Customize Your Candle

You can either make your own custom candles or get them customized from a professional candle maker according to your own choice. It is really quite a simple and affordable procedure that does not take too much time but it gives you a great product.

Follow a few steps to have a personalized candle in hand

  • Choose Your Candle. Select a large or small glass tumbler, classic candle or one with a platform lid.
  • Select a fragrance of your choice. Here your choice may be difficult as there are often more than thirty fragrances to choose from
  • Choose your label or photo. You can personalize the candle with your own photo or with a personalized photo label or expression label. You can even place a message or some beautiful pattern of your choice.
  • Be creative and thoughtful by expressing yourself with a special message on the candle
  • Create a special candle for a festival like Christmas or as gifts for a special occasion.

How To Make Homemade Custom Candles?

Custom made candle

You can easily make customized candles at home by transferring a photo on a packaging tape and then sticking it on the glass of the candle just like a sticker. But here a photo with a light colored background works better. Begin by sizing your photo using a photo editing software to the desired size and then print it on a color laser printer to get a color copy. Take a large heavy duty packaging tape to cover the photo completely. Peel the paper off the back of the photo by submerging it in water for time. After all the paper fibers are removed stick the photo on the glass.

Another way to make customized candles is to make them in any color and shape using a silicon mold, wax and candle wick. Pour melted wax into the mold adding layers of multiple colors for detailing. Examples of such candles are in the shape of an Iron Man

Thus a candle with a personal touch can make a great gift which the receiver is sure to cherish.

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