Why Scented Candles Can’t Have A Color Chart?

Coloring wax while making candles can enrich the look along with complementing the container and fragrance of the candle. Different types of dyes are used to color candles such as Liquid Dye, Dye Blocks & Chips and Dye Flakes to get the desired color. The amount of dye required depends on the amount of wax used and the color you need.

Scented candles often do not have a color chart as customized candles are made at the time of the order so are custom colored. Customers often want to match the candles with some particular object or wallpaper so a color chart cannot be of much use in such cases.

Why Is A Color Chart Not Really Required?

Tea Scented Candle

There are several reasons for not having a color chart for candles

  • Different qualities of wax are used for specific candles like votive, melts, container candles, pillars etc. Each type of wax will treat the same color in a different way
  • Two types of dyes like liquid and solid blocks are used to color wax. As candles are made at the time of order a little block is shaved off from the solid block to color less quantity of wax say for a few candles. But if the order is for a hundred or so candles liquid dye works better for large quantity of wax. But the shade will differ.
  • The fragrance or scent added to the wax often changes the color. Fragrance oils are either clear or yellow or dark brown in color. Even a few drops of fragrance tend to change the dyed color of the candle. Cinnamon changes the color of wax considerably. This is one reason why some particular scent candles cannot be made in pink or purple colors.
  • Computer monitors often display different shades of the same color. The color purple on our monitor might look black on another monitor depending on your settings.

To conclude color charts are not really required as candles are usually made with a large number of colors and fragrances at the time of the order.